Grow with us

With us, daily work becomes more than just a job, because here a sense of responsibility and commitment are combined with a high degree of freedom of decision and team spirit. Those who show commitment and dedication can achieve success for themselves and the company and also gain a secure job with performance-related pay.

Individual training and further development of employees on their own initiative are encouraged and demanded. By involving employees in tasks and projects, a positive working atmosphere and strong identification with the company are supported.

Our name is not only known near our company headquarters in the Uckermark. True to the motto "Think global, act local", we have further branches in Germany, but also in France, Poland and South Africa.

Our enormous growth shows just how much achievement our company is capable of. For this performance we need a lot of energy. Every single employee contributes to the performance of our company through his or her energy and work.

YOU LEARN WITH US - and go out into the world with us

For many years ENERTRAG has been training young people in future-oriented professions and offers future prospects.

We are active in several countries and at various locations, also internationally. We are happy to integrate this environment into your training.

Good general conditions included

Sustainability is lived in the company. ENERTRAG is committed to sustainability in all its products and services. For example, our locations offer good public transport connections. Our head office in Dauerthal is easily accessible via a free bus shuttle service to Prenzlau railway station and has a free e-filling station. Further development towards a CO2-free vehicle fleet is one of ENERTRAG's ambitions. Mobile working is supported so that personal responsibility and digital work processes can develop optimally.

In addition, ENERTRAG offers special services such as a KiTa subsidy. Free drinks and regular fresh fruit are available at the workplace. At the Dauerthal site, fresh food is prepared in the canteen.

Since it is well known that gifts maintain friendship, we are always happy to receive a small birthday present every year. Events such as the joint summer party are always an experience that participants like to remember.

Our job overview informs about all open positions at ENERTRAG. We are looking forward to working together on a future of completely renewable energy.
*For us, only your ability and motivation to promote renewable energies with us counts - not gender, skin colour, origin, sexual orientation or religion.